Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tooling around?

3.    Tools — set up simple tools that make it easy for contributors to see what’s happening and get involved.
Wednesday, March 9 – What counts as a tool? “Tools” across technologies and media.

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Games for change:   

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Boler, chapters 4, 9, 10, 16 (online here)
• is your project a tool? does it use tools? what are the tools you have to offer or that you need? 

• Boler helps us wonder (eg 233ff), why do we want what we want? in corporate media? mainstreaming media as community media? what we come to expect, what we come to want and why? 

• how to make the news (or what else? anything else?) be about "building knowledge in a cumulative way" (235)?

• how in our projects do we take to heart the point Fernandes makes to Boler that in the US we tend to think we have "everything to teach and nothing to learn" (236)? 

People's Production House, link here. 
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