Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stories of Friendship

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Wednesday, February 16 – Friendship
• read Ito, Hanging, section 2 (79-116), look through Boler, Hard Times, read the Introduction (1-50) 

• what stories are you going to tell?

Just seen on Twitter, I favored and retweeted it:

hrheingold Howard Rheingold
I'm learning openly as I go along, which means experiments & failures. I try to sell that to my students as a feature, not a bug. ;-)

Boler, 38: Tactical Media:
"expressions of dissent that rely on artistic practices and do-it-yourself (DIY) media created from readily available, relatively cheap technology and means of communication.... 'projects that people do opportunistically--seizing available or unclaimed resources....'"
• personally I call these "worn tools." Not the cutting edge ones, the hottest thing either technically or commercially, but stuff that is around easy to pick up and mess with. One of the reasons I use blogger for class websites, for example. Found tools, like found art....


See too: what does it add to our readings?
Check out the new project: women videobloggers and YouTube.
Note: "New research directions regarding women’s online practices. We aim to explore vloggers’ insights regarding
• diverse expressions of gendered identities,
• online audiences and cross-gender dialogue and response,
• our Open Access Research Design using their platform of choice, YouTube
• women’s under-representation within web-based communities"

What about transmedia storytelling?
What about transmedia activisms?

Katie's talk You are not the author anymore: transmedia
Our earlier post, description of the class: transmedia

Boler, 33: "Contradictions will be central to all we study." 
 • How enabled/disabled/created/altered are these by the networks of technology and commerce they are embedded within? 
• What about the hard to resolve optimisms/pessimisms Boler works hard to consider fairly? 


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